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JudyF1992x;54455 wrote:

Anyway, I’m in phase 1, taking all the supplements and strictly following the diet with the exception of caffeine. I am trying to ween myself off from 4-6 cups a day to 1-2 which is working so far (although I’m extremely exhausted from the die off symptoms). I’d like to hear any opinions regarding taking the adrenal support supplements along with still drinking coffee because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 5 days.

Any advice helps! Thank you 🙂

Im not on The Candida Diet,but on my own version of it that works for me.

Are you only drinking coffee for the pick-up you get, or is it a comfort food you love?

Adrenal exhaustion is something most people have. You can support the adrenals in lots of ways, but consuming herbal teas through the day have helped me.
Herbal teas with Licorice,siberian ginseng (adaptogens) have helped me most.
Herbal teas by Yogi Tea that I take just happen to have adaptogens in them, and they are all antifungal as well.

Consider that as time goes on,the better you feel, the less coffee will appeal to you as often.

After reading you last post, I just want to say that its sounding MORE like adrenal fatigue is encouraging your candida, and a lowered immune system maybe.

Alcohol doesnt help, but I personally do not believe its the cause of candida.
Maybe the resulting liver congestion…bad food choices in conjunction.

I was a bartender for 18 years. No candida issues during those times, but I did have adrenal fatigue here and there. Not fun.