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JudyF1992x;54464 wrote: OH!!! And the cause of my Candida was from extensive antibiotics (EVERY MONTH I was on antibiotics for over A YEAR!!) around age 7 to fight continuous ear infections/strep throat which turned out to be from my tonsils. Had those removed and the infections stopped. However during that time I had a few yeast infections, and so many, SO many signs of Candida that followed with me since, which unfortunately I had no idea was Candida. It wasn’t until a holistic doctor informed me about Candida and helped me get my life on track. Sadly, as I said, I fell off the wagon and have experienced worse symptoms than I did before I started.

The worst part is, after my tonsil surgery and my mother realizing all the antibiotics I was on, the doctor told my mother that she had to give me all those antibiotics because the health insurance companies will not help with the surgery unless it is the last option. How ridiculous is that?? I would not be shocked to learn that is still the protocol today, but to think of how many people had to go through the same thing as me who are not aware of candida.

Oh you poor thing.
I wanted to cry reading this, my children went through ridiculous amounts of antibiotics both for strep and chronic tonsil infections 🙁

One doctor tried to tell me he was getting food caught in his tonsils,but the food was always white and curdy. Docs have no clue about candida >:(

Finally, when my son was 4 yrs old, he was in the ER for the 3rd time in as many months for being unable to breathe, and the doc asked me why he hasnt gotten his tonsils out yet.
Even they dont realize that without insurance, the ER is the only way to go. Dumb as rocks,some of them. Surgery doesnt “do” payment plans!

So if coffee is mostly for a pick-up, try chai black tea instead.
The black tea is awesome both hot or cold, and the spices kill candida!
Maybe you could switch-out a few cups of coffee for that?

Anyhoo, from all my research, the body and immune system of a healthy individual should be able to keep candida in check, without meds,supplements, or diets.

A healthy body already has healthy bacteria in the right amounts,and I learned by accident that probiotics are not necessary in supplement form to get better OR repopulate the gut.

Not saying they wont speed the healing up…that has not been my experience but it has for some from what I have read.

With that said, the conclusion that I personally came to was that supplements do not fix you, probiotics do not fix you, only getting your glands and organs working proper fix you.
But everyone comes to their own conclusion…thats just me.

It truly is an individual journey, as I looked for patterns in healing this I noticed that there is no one-size-fits-all cure :/

I do lean towards natural… mostly because playing “god” and taking stuff has got me in this mess to begin with, and a naturopathic doc told me if I stay minimalist and only give the body what is lacking naturally, it will come into balance and be stronger for having done it.

We do what we resonate with.