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Cat Lady!

I’ve actually read a post from you a few days ago (although I don’t know the exact date of the post) it was about you having random purple welts on your legs that you noticed while gardening. I found it interesting that you feel just changing your diet will have the greatest impact against candida; all the supplements over load the body and the candida will fight back in full force. I never took any supplements other than probiotics when I originally tackled my candida. This time, I figured it would be worth a try to use supplements to see if I will have a faster shot at beating it.

I drink coffee for both the pick up and comfort. I absolutely love it and honestly feel as if I need it to function. I only drink black coffee, none of those added sweeteners of dreaded milk. Rarely do I put coconut oil in it. I think you may be right about adrenal fatigue and my candida… I drink coffee to gain energy, but find myself more and more tired. I have noticed however, that the adrenal support supplements give me a bit of a boost.

I’m not sure if alcohol causes it, but I definitely notice how badly it aggravates my candida in every way possible lol. I either fall asleep at every friends house before 12am, or I become extremely moody. I break out, wind up with yeast issues, bloat, crave bad food, headache, brain fog, and the new symptom- one eye becomes twice the size along with burning, and itching.