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1) Is 3 months too long to be on anti-fungals?

You’ve been on the diet for four weeks, are you saying you were on antifungals for two months prior to starting the diet? Normally around the three month point you should begin to concentrate more on reestablishing the flora with probiotics and kefir. Of course, this will always depend you the state of your infestation.

2) What should I do since I cannot take a significant commercial probiotic until October (3.5 months into the diet…)? Does this have a negative affect on my treatment?

Of course I can’t honestly say that this will have a positive effect on your treatment, but sometimes we have few choices and have to make do with what we have.

3) How long should I consume the AVC for good digestion?

If you’re taking HCl after each meal, I think you could stop taking the AVC for now.

4) When should I start taking biotin? SF722? Lactoferrin?

You can start biotin at any time. If you do so, I would discontinue one of the antifungals. After being on the biotin for about two weeks, you could start the SF722 providing your die-off is not severe.
Whether or not you take apo-lactoferrin depends on your iron levels. You shouldn’t take this unless your iron level is low.

5) How do I prepare milk thistle tea from whole seeds?

Preparing Milk Thistle from Seeds