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Cheesey;42727 wrote: Thank you for your reply, Jorge.

I had stopped taking the S. Boulardii because it wasn’t clear that it was doing anything. This was reinforced by my move back to Oregano as I experienced, once again, significantly bad die-off. Perhaps this may have been because I did not leave a gap between finishing S. Boulardii and taking oil of oregano. I simply don’t know.

There are just so many things pulling me one way or another. How can I sort through all the information out there? How do I have any idea what the right course is for me?

This is just so incredibly frustrating. I think I am going to take a week of very carefully looking after myself and mindfulness meditation before I take any decisive direction regarding dietary change or antifungals.

I think that you may need to continue with Oregano Oil and other antifungal substances even with their antibacterial activity until the candida colonies be more controlled and reduced. However, there will be a point where you must stop those substances in order to allow the lactic acid flora to re-growth. That is a critical point where you need to keep the fungus inhibited with something that don’t affect the flora. I will say a diet plus S.Boulardii. Then, the intestinal balance may regain terrain slowly.

You need to decide yourself the curse.