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I think I have reached the decision that I am going to stop taking antifungals, at least for the time being.

It appears to me that I need to restore some energy and balance. I think a hiatus from directly battling candida is the best way to do that. I will continue with my probiotics, diet and vitamins, however I don’t see that antifungals are helping me to become healthy at the moment. In order to steady myself and help myself recovery from other conditions I have in addition to candida I need to leave my body some space to catch up with itself.

Whilst die-off is a healing process, restoring energy and feeling good is also a healing process. I think that balance has been overlooked in favour of beating down on what I have perceived to be the only enemy.

kjones, I have sweated out some toxins in the past. But living in the North of England, sunshine isn’t really a viable option for doing that 🙂 I tend to use baths, though sometimes I feel that if the bath is too hot that actually makes me feel worse!