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raster;42732 wrote: You need to go with the antifungals hard so that the candida numbers lessen quickly allowing for a recovery. If you do low doses for a long period of time, this won’t really do much. Additionally, your liver enzymes could be elevated and your liver could be slightly damaged which is the organ most affected by die-off toxins. If you were to heal this organ before proceeding on taking antifungals again, you likely won’t have as bad of a time.

Also SF722 is much more gentle on the body and the die-off isn’t as bad with SF722.

I also support dvjorge’s statement that you shouldn’t feed the candida and then kill it over and over. I don’t think the brown rice is that bad but the quinoa and potatoes could be the real culprit.

Most forum members don’t feel like they are making progress until they start the strict diet.


I do very occasionally eat quinoa but I never eat potatoes! I am very close to the forum diet, the only difference being the occasional brown rice and more regular consumption of meat than is recommended. I have an extremely low BMI so I feel I need to generally get meat in there.

I might go with the SF722 in the long run, then. Is that a general antimicrobial? (i.e. will it kill off any good-guys that are trying to establish themselves in there?). My ND wants me to change to a CFS protocol which includes S. Boulardii, however, so this is also a possibility.

For the time being I think I am going to stick to having some time off any regular antifungal supplementation, even if it is only for a short period of time. I physically and mentally need a bit of respite before anymore onslaught can begin.

Thank you for your response.