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sdeopaul;42885 wrote: Hi all ,i am dealing with a living nightmare since december,i was a healthy guy 184 lbs,however i was treated with antibiotics which nearly kill me ,i lost 35 lbs in 5 weeks ,then i got cytitis ,again antibiotics ,but the cytitis part clear up burning remains on the tip of my penis and urethrea and pain sometimes goes between my testicles and anus ,i have went to all the test and several urologist and alot of different doctors,cultures r negative ,i will do anything to cure this thing ,its been a living naightmare for me,i begg u here if any one of u can help me please advise me or is there a good test for this candida fungi thing,i read from a site that a guy name JORGE cure his by a combination with to antifugals,jorge if you can help me or advise me will appreciate it buddy ,i want my life back ,i ahve tried fluconzone,13 tablets and nystatin,for two weeks with not even a die off symtoms ,i am praying for all of u here and i ask god for a last chance ,and a i am praying for all of u here ,when i told doctor about candida yeast the laugh at me ,IS THERE A TEST FOR THIS THING.THANK YOU ALL .Sometimes i ask god to just take me or please help me.I use to be a joyful guy,now i am scared to drink a short of alcohol.thank u all

Oh Man, Yes, it is a nightmare, but there is hope. To be short with my story, yes, after a long course of antibiotics I developed an UT infection with candida that penetrated to my urethra and caused all the symptoms you describe. I took Fluconazole 200 mg plus Lamisil 100 mg during 3 months to eliminate it. I checked my liver enzymes every month with my regular Dr.

You need a Dr that understands what is affecting you and prescribes the long term systemic antifungal therapy.

You also need to follow a diet and a dedicated treatment to eliminate possible fungal colonies in your intestines.