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Cheesey;42714 wrote: I wish I had never started this thing. How is it possible that I am still worse than before starting the diet?

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a couple of days ago. I had post-viral fatigue as a result of a virus I caught back in July 2012. Throughout the remainder of 2012 I was still able to work, run and ride my bike. I went on the diet at the start of January and became bedridden for a long while. I am now up and about at least (not able to walk very far or work) but my symptoms are so variable my quality of life has significantly diminished.

I am honestly losing faith in this whole project. I can’t see that it has benefited, or will benefit, my health. The CFS specialist recognises that I am much improved compared to a few months ago when I initially started the diet. But thinks this is a tentative recovery that we need to be very careful with. I can’t see that this diet is going to lessen my fatigue or other symptoms.

If I take a single oil of oregano capsule I become very spaced out and get a seriously weird feeling. If I then eat anything antifungal in my diet I start slipping into a low mood, get bad anxiety, my throat swells up, I get diarrhoea, dizziness and an increase in fatigue. I’m amazed that after 4 months of ‘killing candida’ using diet, natural anti-fungals and probiotics I am still so prone to die-off.

I am not 100% on the strict forum diet but I am not far off. My deviations would be that I eat brown rice perhaps once per week and also eat meat (chicken and fish) at least 5 days a week.

At this stage I feel that this diet is going to cause my post-viral fatigue to become a seriously long term chronic fatigue that will prevent me from working, being in education, or pursuing any activities I previously found to be enjoyable or meaningful. It has beaten me down and made me a shell of what I was. Some days I don’t feel able to leave the house. How can that possibly be a healing process?

The die-off don’t end because you are feeding and killing, feeding and killing in a vicious circle. It happened to me more than 1 year. When the case is severe, I assume your is because what you describe, you need to tie it up as much as possible. I am telling you that even the diet they suggests here is open for a severe case. A severe case has to go with green vegetables, fish, eggs, some chickens, and tons of coconut oil, olive oil, and some almonds to keep the sugar levels and the energy.

To overcome this syndrome is nothing easy. It is a hard challenging testing your endurance.

Another thing, taking natural substances that have antifungal properties is the same as taking antibiotics and antifungals at the same time. The antibiotics have to stop in any form in order to recover. People see the results taking oregano oil, gse, caprylic acid, etc. Yes, the fungal colonies diminishes but you never give a chance to the antagonistic flora to recover.

The secret is to take an antifungal that don’t harm the flora and keep candida very low to give chance to the lactic acid bacteria re-growth. This process needs some months. This is the reason why I advice Baker Yeast or S. Boulardii. Some people have done it with Rx antifungal dealing with side effects.

A restrictive diet plus high doses of baker yeast or s. boulardii including high enemas two times a week to clean the colon lumen should be enough to bring you to normal. However, it can not be done eating brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, and even buckwheat in many cases.