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Well, just speaking from my own personal experience, here’s what I attribute my success to:

1. Following the diet and protocol TO THE LETTER
2. Eating vegetarian only
3. Using mainly capryllic acid and coconut oil as my antifungals (they don’t kill bacteria), aside from the first couple of weeks where I used a mix with some garlic and gse, and now SF722
4. Kefir and probiotics
5. Ensuring that my liver was protected with milk thistle and molybdenum
6. Not pushing myself too hard (this is where I fucked up and had backsliding that cost me literally 2 mos of treatment) and listening when my body says STOPPPP!!!
7. Trying to keep a positive attitude and be grateful for this opportunity to become healthy instead of feeling resentful that I can’t eat shitgarbage all day long like the rest of the world
8. SUNSHINE!!! I live in Oregon so this is hard to come by, but when it does, I get out in it, and also I took a trip to California in the middle of the winter that really helped. I can’t express enough, honestly, how much being in warm, sunny weather improves my health to the point where last night, I asked my boyfriend in all seriousness if he would consider relocating to California some time. (He’ll “think about it.”)
9. Game nights – seriously, it’s a great social activity that doesn’t require too much energy and does not have to revolve around drinking or eating
10. Regular, but non-exerting, exercise, like yoga and slow walks or hikes
11. Mourning the loss of being carefree and finding someone that I could cry to about it a few times (okay, more like 10 or 15 times, LOL) that would listen and tell me it would be okay

I am finally feeling pretty damn good AGAIN after 2 months of basically repeating my whole process thanks to over-extending myself for a weekend and not listening to my body. (I’ve been at it for just under 5 mos total.)

I can also say that I did get worse for awhile, and then I got better, and then I got worse, and then I got better, and then I got a lot worse, and then I got a lot better…but staying consistent throughout helped me push through. The first month was by far the worst, though, and it was really a struggle, but I was literally going to die if I didn’t get rid of this shit, so I just pushed through it.