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Well, if your case is bad enough, and you are noticing the only thing is happening is symptom suppression, you might be interested in this:

Im just worried you might be wasting money and time on stuff that isnt working. I have been there. I have wasted so much money on probiotics and supplements only to relapse again. Things like magnesium, zinc and vitamins wont do anything against candida either. Attacking the overgrowth is the most important thing in my experience, and probiotics is a very expensive and imo inefficient way of doing that, though, it might work when you nuke it with enough antifungals if your case is not so severe. Still expensive and grinding method though. For me enema’s (which is a very cheap method) is the most groundbreaking thing I have ever done against candida. The symptoms disappear within weeks so expensive supplements are not neccesary that way. It is then that the probiotics have the space to make a long term difference imo. Doesnt mean the protocol doesnt work for some.