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Wow, fantastic. That’s exactly what I needed. One question though. I see there are a lot of different specializations. What ones would you target specifically? One of the nutrition specialists on there I saw earlier this year, Antony Haynes, is listed as autoimmune conditions as a specialty, which is partially what I am dealing with even if the source of that autoimmunity is the dysbiosis itself. He did help me identify another possible cofactor in my illness, that I have high antibodies for epstein Barr and one of the herpes simplex viruses, from when I had mono as a teenager. The antibodies themselves don’t really prove that they are reactivated, but it could be a factor.

The supplement he prescribed for me was humic acid, and took me off of probiotics and antifungals entirely to try to focus on getting the viral thing in check. It only made me feel worse, without the usual balance of feeling some improvement. Mostly it just elevated my blood pressure to a scary point at which time I stopped taking it and went back to treating myself by getting my probiotic dose up again.

He did seem very good at what he does, but he does not specialize in dysbiosis specifically, so he seemed to struggle with what to do for me regarding the dysbiosis and especially the liver detoxing. There was no real discussion of that.

I would think maybe the best place to start would be with someone that specializes in the gut, and hope they also understand detoxing and autoimmunity? Or maybe I need to see multiple docs?