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Thanks so much! It is tricky with two little kids but in some ways it might be easier in that I honestly don’t have time to get depressed. We stay in some days when I get too exhausted. I don’t think they notice, they’re happy playing at home once in awhile.

Four weeks – things are going much better. Looking back, week one and two were really hard. But now, I only had one bad day in the last two weeks! I am not eating much. When I stop to think of how much I used to eat every meal, it seems ridiculous. Now, I go most of the day without eating and when I snack it’s on green beans usually and sometimes almonds (more than a handful is bad for me though).

Recently I introduced spinach, broccoli (only handle a little bit or I feel nauseous) a little greek yogurt and tiny bits of quinoa (1/4 cup a day of red quinoa for breakfast). For a treat, I have half an apple with cinnamon sprinkled on top – delicious! Also, kelp noodles (mentioned above) are helping me stay full. I think not eating meat has made the biggest difference.

Also make a zucchini soup now – just three zucchinis, water, a lemon squeeze, two onions, some herbs de provence spices, and sea salt – boiled and then mixed up with a hand blender in the pot! Good for two days of food.

Still having sleep issues but I ordered the stuff recommended above and should get it soon.

Hang in there fellow troopers!