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Yes, its hard to explain to them. Don’t get me wrong, my family is really understanding and supportive and worrying…but that is the problem 😀 They are worried that I’ll get even more skinny and will lose vitamins and minerals and would feel even worse.

It’s also not easy because I don’t want to burden my mom with cooking, she has a lot of obligations at work and at home already, my diet really puts some extra weight on her shoulders, I wish I knew to cook :S

I often ask myself – why there isn’t such a thing as “health debugging” 😀 where you pay doctors monthly to track your body and do all POSSIBLE TESTS THAT EXIST IN THIS WORLD and then simply narrow down the circle around the problem until they finally find it.

Human kind…the only race in universe that invests in unnecessary stuff such as reality shows, yet isn’t investing in things like those…I’m speechless.