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dvjorge;53232 wrote: @Jorge Why did you stop using it? I remember your post about claiming it works, and then you said its not helping you. Maybe you had to reintroduce food slowly like I am?

First, thanks for your post.! I would like that you come back after some more months and report how you feel. Anyway, I was the person who pushed S. Boulardii in this forum. Curiously, at first, it was mostly ignored. One of the reasons was Mr. Able who had a personal agenda with his posts.
After some time, there have been more and more success stories linked to S. Boulardii. I am glad this is happening because I only do it to help those suffering. I haven’t any doubt that S. Boulardii is the solution for many people. Not doubt at all. !

Answering your question, I stopped using it because I needed to take systemic antifungals ( Ketoconazole) for some time. I have been dealing with an intracellular penile candidiasis that has been terrible to cure. Thanks God, all I have done eradicated it, at least 95%.

As you probably know, you can not take S. Boulardii with antifungals. I am planning to take it for at least 6 months after I finish with an antifungal protocol I am following now.

S. Boulardii is necessary to eliminate the residual infection and to facilitate the normal bacterial flora regrowth. Sure, every single one suffering this syndrome should take S. Boulardii at some point of the treatment. The exceptions are those with allergic to it.

Good Luck and thank for your testimony. Come back to report ahead, please do it.!

Thanks for clarification, I though you stopped it because it did not work.
I will update because others needs directions, at least once more when I (With Gods Help!!) am finally able to say I am cured completely.

Should not some cream help with penile candidasis?

Anyway, forgot to mention… like you once (maybe year ago) explained to someone on why are we not sick while we are facing yeasts overgrowth, I was really healthy for years (practically I was never sick in 10 years) until I realized I have candida problem and try to heal it. Then I was suddenly pretty much sensitive and would get sick too often. Especially in late stages of my fight, and during boulardii I was sick 3 times in 45 days… Now, I have no problem anymore. Maybe this Honey is helping as well.

Regarding Able, he actually told me that Boulardii might help me, since I was in mail contact with him after the incident in forum. I believe he made this forum reach this level with his advices, not to mention that he actually helped many…

anyway, thanks for answering, and yes, I will post again for sake of everyone’s health 🙂