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Just ten days ago you wrote, “Most of my symptoms are clearing up. Just a little oral thrush now. Haven’t had hives in a few days and my vaginal yeast infection seems to have cleared.” And today it seems to be the exact opposite.

You wrote, “Oral thrush was getting better but now back in full force…”

And, “…vaginal yeast was gone and it is now back.”

I’m going to be completely honest with you. These symptoms don’t go away and then come back for no reason at all or for eating the same foods that made them go away in the first place. Something fed the Candida to cause them to be strong enough to cause these symptoms to return.

Oral thrush is Candida in the mouth, which isn’t an allergy reaction to a particular food, but rather a definite sign that the Candida have been fed and therefore have grown in number.

A vaginal yeast infection is another symptom of Candida being present in large enough numbers to cause the infection, and again, it’s not caused by a specific food reaction or allergy.

Should I give everything up and start over??

What you need is to be on the strict diet again, at least until you get some of the Candida killed off. I’m afraid this means that you need to leave the yogurt alone since it contains sugar, also the millet and cut the coconut bread down to one slice a day. At one time you told us that you were a “fruit addict” … have you eaten any fruit since starting the diet?

Are you now eating the yellow part of the eggs or still avoiding it?

Also, I was wondering about your routine for taking antifungals and probiotics? I take a probiotic in the morning then wait an hour before I eat. Then I take antifungal after lunch. Around 4pm take my probiotic again. After supper I take another antifungal and then a probiotic before lunch.

You may be taking the probiotics too close to your meals. Try taking them the last thing at night before you go to bed, that is, if you don’t eat anything at all for several hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the best time to take them is sometime at night if you wake up. You really need for your stomach to be as empty as possible when you take them and for it to remain empty long enough for them to be absorbed. When they’re mixed with a lot of food containing enzymes in your stomach, the weaker they will become.

After my meal take an antifungal (a spoon of caprylic acid or 5 drops of oil of oregano)

What type of Caprylic acid are you taking if you’re taking it with a spoon?
You can increase the oil of oregano by one drop every day until you reach 12 drops a day, that is, as long as you’re taking the molybdenum at 250 mcg three times a day, if not, don’t raise the amount of the oregano oil. You can stop the oregano every 14 to 18 days and take a different antifungal for 14 days, then go back to the oregano oil since it’s one of the strongest antifungals. Spread the doses of oregano oil out to three or four times a day. Are you taking coconut oil? You really need this if you’re going to cure the infestation.

I just stopped taking my mineral complex because of constipation issues (Calcium).

Did the complex contain magnesium along with the calcium? If not, this was the cause of the constipation.

You’ve had a Candida infestation for three years according to your first post on the forum; this is an extremely long time to suffer from a fungal infestation without a cure, and the longer you have an infestation, the longer it takes to cure it. You also have hypothyroidism and IBS, both of which can make treating the infestation more difficult. Are you on medication for the hypothyroidism? If you are, the medication should be able to control that problem.

I’m not trying to discourage you or scare you by telling these things, I’m only saying that you are going to have to be very strict with the diet and all the supplements if you wish to cure the infestation, and you’re not going to be able to take any chances which some people with a shorter termed infestation may be able to get away with. Sometimes we just have to face the facts, because as ugly as they may seem, ignoring them can’t cure anything at all.

A few more questions if you don’t mind. What probiotic are you taking and what’s the count? Are you still having a problem with constipation, if so, does it happen more than once or twice a week? And last, are you eating homemade kefir?

My advice would be to start making homemade kefir if you’re not already. The easiest way to get started is with a kefir starter kit. Amazon has these and also the best brand. Once you make it a few times, it’s very easy and even a little hard to ‘mess’ up as long as you use the right temperatures as this is imperative for the kefir and its potency as far as helping you to cure your infestation.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve written.