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hope4eva77;32452 wrote: Ok so i have ordered all my supplements and this is my revised plan after doing more research .
Im doing stage 1 diet with this ,efa gold organic coconut oil,health yourself-molybendum,aswagandha -organic india,spring valley milk thistle -bottle says yeast and sugar free ,thorne sf722 from dr.vita .com ,naturals – l-glutamine 500 mg ,liqui kelp organic iodine,bentonite clay – yerba prima ,flora swedish bitters ( which the reviews on this basically just say it tastes gross eww i hope i dont have a tough time with it.i dont like acv either but stomach it sumtimes . oh also i am taking a multi vitamin and ester c 1000 mg

i also have raw acv and probiotics 30 billion udos choice in my freezer for when i start to feel better.I plan on eating alot of raw garlic as well with cookd spinach and olive oil .my main issue will be staying on this diet im struggling so hoping glutamate helps .what u think about sunflower seeds ? k so this is it ,i spent over 100 $ and really went over my budget .i need to figure something out ,even if i have to suffer and work more which wont help my stress i dont know but if anyone has any advice or thinks there is something here wrong, let me know thank u !

Hi Hope,

I have one small tip for you. Are you making your own Cultured Vegetables? If not making Sauerkraut is very simple and inexpensive. I bought a head of Cabbage at Whole foods and was able to make 7 Jars of Sauerkraut. I figure that will last me about a month. You can substitute this for a food item that maybe is costing more and you would be getting good bacteria as well.

Go on youtube, there’s plenty of people offering up recipes for it.