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Thanks !I’m gonna reply 2 all of u, I love 2 jog but if I am to weak ill walk instead and I did look into community acupuncture but its not cheaper than 50$ a visit & is hr away so makes It not. Worth it the cheapest I can find it is 70$ a visit so I plan on using my tax return 2 start off. I am in a I’m CT ,don’t have a Kroger’s never heard of it but that’d sweet bout ringing the veggies up reg price! I’m just gonna buy what I can
Sux I have no health food stores around but gotta deal with what I got. Raster I forgot to mention Swedish bitters I am going to get sum for enzymes. Is the milk thistle enough for my liver? I was planning on taking that do I need the molybdenum as well.? Its so cold here now I won’t b sweating much for awhile. I still have sum prenatals from my baby is that an OK vitamin? Is it better to just take vitamin c or a multi vitamin, I can add vitamin c in it’s pretty cheap and iodine also but just let me know what’s best? Is b-12 vitamin OK? I had kidney failure as a child but came out full recovery,other than diet is there any thing I can take 4 my kidneys? What is the pulling thing u mention for thrush? I have never heard of and I did not know about waiting so long for antifungals I mean I knew I shouldn’t right away but I thought a wk or 2 was good? Is the kefir OK in stage 1 as well as coconut milk the milk in the kefir has sugar? I can’t thank u enough and sorry all the questions! I apriciate u thanks