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hope4eva77;31960 wrote: happy new year everyone !This is my plan and symptoms if anyone has advice ,id love to hear it . so im starting with a veggie juice and boiled egg detox for 3 days then going to stage one diet. My supplements are milk thistle,coconut oil,physslium (i ordered this b4 i knew of the risks ) fresh garlic ,raw acv ,l glutamate,and im adding a 30 billion refrigerated probiotic in after i feel better .My symptoms are bladder pain ,vaginal pain ,recurrent yeast infections with skin rashes in groin area ,brain fog,fatigue ,oral thrush ,constant sore throat ,chest pain ,nausea,diarrhea and constipation,and stomach cramps ,.Im now willing to do anything to get better !After suffering for over a year ,my symptoms are a result of poor diet ,uneeded long term antibiotics and high stress .I also am going to jog 4 times a wk at least a mile but i plan on doing 2 ,and acupuncture is something i may start as well if money allows .There are a few things i really cant do like buy all organic ,i can only buy organic sometimes but the majority of my diet will not be .How do u think this will hinder my recovery ? I know all the crap thats in our food its fukd up but i honestly cant afford organic .I also have a mold issue which i hopefully am keeping under control with bleach ,it grows on my windows and bathroom ceiling ,i rent so ive been just spraying bleach on it and wiping where i can reach .Thank u

Hi Hope, I would make sure you work in Kefir, as Able & Raster consider this to be one of the most important supplements to our recovery. Unlike Yogurt which is also good Kefir can build colonies of good bacteria in your body.

If you are on a tight budget consider making your own fermented vegetables. They are easy to make. Just watch a few of the videos on “youtube”. They will also provide you with more beneficial bacteria.

I know this diet can be expensive. I can’t believe how much it’s costing me. I think I’m spending at least 3x what I normally spend on groceries now.