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gcha8e wrote: My little girl’s stool was tested through DNA probe analysis, she came up with a huge amount of yeast which is of unknown taxonomy (unknown species). It is therefore not a Candida species.
We now must decide what type of protocol to use, we are seeing two all natural doctors (they don’t seem to agree). The standard docs have all ignored everything, so we’re not going to them.

I gave her one small dose, less than a teaspoon, of Grape Seed oil and she seemed to have a nasty skin reaction to that. Her skin has been an ever expanding system of rashes on the backs of her legs, lower back, the neck, and her chest, with small spots everywhere else.

We will use anything we have to use to kill the yeast, the doctor said they are off the charts. The tea and probiotics we’ve used to this point have not worked.

We may try clove, cinnamon, or other oils, or even the -azoles, but no matter the case, we need to limit the die off because she already is in severe pain from the rashes. She already wakes up scratching and crying at night every 1-2 hours.

What can we do to limit the die off? Do drugs cause a worse die off than herbs or less die off? Are there herbs or vitamins that help aleviate die off? Keep in mind that she is only 2, so we can’t use anything strong 🙁

Think that we aren’t Drs, but I want to help. I will leave the azoles out for now and think about Nystatin powder refrigerated and Threelac or Nystatin and SF-722.

These combinations should work fast with a minimum risk. Give her plain yogurt, vegetables, and proteins. No sweets, please. If the fungus eat, it doesn’t die even taken a truck of Fluconazole.

Vegetables juices, plain yogurt, chicken, fish, eggs, buckwheat with coconut oil. Coconut oil always mixed with what she eats.

Consult it with the Drs, but it should work !!!