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landfillheart wrote:
I eat pretty much only the approved vegetables and chicken. And very occasionally some red meat.

Are you following the protocol or web site’s diet?

Eating to much chicken and meat can prolong your healing due to amonia release while digesting it. If you could reduce it and rely more on eggs for protein, perhaps it would get better sooner.

landfillheart wrote: I take molybdenum three times a day, Swedish bitters before each meal, milk thistle, vitamin D, probiotics (20 billion count), Vitamin C (4g a day)

Perhaps you could add some of the other vitamins/minerals listed in the following post: I only say this because this illness kicked me hard and started getting much better once I added all of the suggested vitamins/minerals (E, A+D3, calc/mag/zinc, biotin etc.) They give you strength to fight this and fill in any gaps.

landfillheart wrote: The main one was the fatigue and brainfog which has gotten worse since the treatment.

My personal experience was that if I mess up my diet the symptoms come back ever worse than they were before the treatment. For example, I introduced Greek yoghurt, had no reactions, but my symptoms came back in about a week. So recheck your diet and see if you are eating anything that could be feeding candida. If you are then you are stuck in an infinite loop, you keep feeding and killing candida.

I am writing this, some from reading posts here and some from my own experience. I hope you figure it out soon and get much better!