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I appreciate you all taking your time to read and respond to my thread.

As you have drawn my attention to my good progress, I can’t see any evidence in my own circumstance that indicates the strict forum diet and protocol is a necessary addition to my current plan. I might reconsider in the future if, as you say, Able, I plateau and fail to produce further progress. However, at the moment results are continuing to materialise, albeit at a rate slower than I might have liked. Perhaps I need to cultivate greater patience rather than implement a new dietary protocol.

Keya, thanks for your ideas re: coconut oil. Unfortunately, I’m not certain that making this addition to my diet would be a good idea as I am taking S. Boulardii which is actually a yeast. I wouldn’t want to simultaneously kill the S. Boulardii as I am trying to us it to kill the Candida. I think as well perhaps I am not strictly too ill to be in work, it is just that in the past I would keep pushing and pushing and in the end I would burn out. Both my doctor and the occupational healthcare team recommend that I continue to stay off work. It is a bit of a strange one because I used to try to work through feeling like crap but at the moment I am letting my body guide me and tell me when I need rest, so I’m never really getting to the point of absolute exhaustion. I am incredibly lucky in that the division of the company I work for is actually extremely quiet at the moment and also has extremely good employee care system.

Again, thank you all for your time and effort in responding.