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Cheesey;40749 wrote: I currently have the support of my girlfriend and family doing this. If I were to go on the strict forum diet I would lose that support and it would cause undue frictions and stress. Plus I know I would lose weight again. At the moment I am just a tiny bit underweight, but that’s been the case for me for a long time – I would always eat plenty and do lots of exercise. When I first went through die-off, though, I dropped to about 120 pounds which, even for a wiry frame, is hideously slim for a 5′ 10″ male.

Just to be sure all the new members understand you; you are not on the forum diet or protocol, but rather you’re following the website’s diet.

So it looks like you have two choices; on the one hand, you have the support of your girlfriend/family and keeping your present weight, and the second choice is to suffer indefinitely from a Candida infestation in your body, and you’ve apparently chosen the infestation.

Considering the fact that, every single day you’re feeding the Candida foods that ensure their survival and foods that are making sure that their environment is in perfect condition for them to multiply, I think you’re doing amazingly well to have eliminated or almost eliminated as many symptoms as you have. You should honestly consider yourself very fortunate instead of wondering why you’re not any better than you are.

In your shoes, I wouldn’t expect to improve past the point of where you are right now … again, considering the treatment you’re on.