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Able900;36228 wrote:

About 10 days ago i mistakenly had about a teaspoon of cows milk and i noticed a reaction on my tongue almost immediately …
So basically I’m back to where i was at christmas which is really frustrating.

Jo, I know that you didn’t intentionally cheat with the small amount of milk and that it was strictly an accident, but I’m going to use this as an example of what can happen when someone on the protocol makes this mistake or intentionally cheats.

To the Members who are reading this thread:

First, I have to say that this is exactly why I wish some of the experts and members would stop telling the new members that a ‘little’ cheat now and then isn’t going to make that much difference. As you can see from Jo’s post, telling someone that cheating occasionally is actually good for your morale is very bad advice. Jo mistakenly had one teaspoon of milk and now her treatment has been set back approximately six weeks, and it could take her another six weeks to get back to where she was at Christmas. Meanwhile, what’s happening? Well if you ask Jo, she’ll probably tell you that her morale isn’t so great right now and that she’s suffering physically. The point is; we do not know how badly a cheat or a mistake, no matter how small it is, is going to affect a member because it’s simply impossible to predict such a thing.

I think this is definitely a good example of why you shouldnt cheat. I had no idea that one mistake, or even if it was intentional, could actually make you intolerant to the things you’ve been relying on. Its not just milk kefir and yoghurt now either. Its also happening with the coconut cream i’ve been using to make a kind of risotto with veg and buckwheat and I had it sometimes every day. I’ve stopped that too for now and was thinking of going back to it maybe Sunday or Monday next week which is ages to me because I love kefir. I looked forward to it as well as it being so beneficial. Sometimes I used to eat a whole 500g pot of Fage yoghurt each day although that had decreased alot recently but these are all the things i really enjoyed in my diet. I never considered a cheat could have this effect.

I’ll explain how i made the mistake and i’m really kicking myself. I really like eating kefir grains and after they grew so much i stored a load in my fridge in a pot with cows milk. And after two days or so i got the pot out and had this *great* idea that i could eat the grains straight out of the pot, a bit like rice pudding. I sat down and did just that and quickly remembered that after two days of being sat in the fridge, the milk would still be milk and not kefir. Yes i’m an idiot.

The cheating at Christmas never had this effect but i hadnt gotten over the effects of it before i made the mistake with the milk. All i had was some bacon, cheap turkey and some millet which i think i might react to anyway.

Shayfo and Len, thanks for your comments. I have increased the probiotics, at first to 4 per day and as of yesterday, to 5. I do take more than one at a time. In the morning I take 2 and evening before bed its 3. Sometimes in the evening its not completely on an empty stomach but it still seems to be ok. I have also started taking biotin again and am having swede and sprouts every day. I think my morale is ok although i’m feeling pretty frustrated to be honest and am desperate to move on and have some more variety. I was aiming to have moved onto stage 2 before April as we have a wedding to go to and I dont know if it will be a sit down meal or a buffet. If its a sit down meal I’m gonna feel very awkward with having a load of food in front of me and you can bet i wont be able to eat 99% of it. Obviously i still wouldnt be able to on stage 2 but i’d be feeling more positive. Socially its very awkward and i’ve avoided gatherings at certain restaurants. My auntie thinks i have an eating disorder! I’m tired of explaining the diet so i just dont anymore.

Anyway thanks again Able. I will post back soon regarding my progress with kefir etc