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Thanks both of you for your help. I have taken everything on board and will try to obtain the things you suggest if i dont already have them. I will try to answer each question:

I think my digestion is fine although sometimes i seem to be slow in listening to what my body is saying. Theres nothing that i can think of that i have trouble digesting on this diet and i hadnt had flatulence for a few months apart from the odd occasion since when i cheated at christmas.

My BMs are pretty hit and miss and are still yellow although a bit darker than they used to be and not as sticky as they used to be either. I really have to make sure i eat plenty of veg in order for them to be good. But i wouldnt say i’m regular.

I’d not had an itchy nipple for months but since christmas i have every day although not 24/7. Sometimes it has peeling skin.

Most of my vaginal thrush has gone but again came back slightly after christmas. Oral thrush has never gone away but has just varied in how severe it is although its not been painful since the cleanse.

I think the final symptom is what i’m pretty sure is Perioral Dermatitis on my face. I wrote a thread about it and with milk thistle and molybdenum (which i’d got lazy with previously) it is slowly getting better

Kefir – Yes I had a feeling i wasnt drinking enough and i’m drinking what i am because its not been growing. It looks fine though. Last week i actually bought more grains and they should come in the next few days.

I dont know if you misunderstood but i never miss taking a probiotic. All i was saying was that sometimes its not always on an empty stomach. I have looked up Raw Probiotics and it looks like i can get it on Amazon UK so i’ll get some. My usual brands have been Innate and MegaFlora but I went with Ultimate Flora this time for the CFU count.

After doing the HCL test with baking soda a few weeks ago i bought HCL and have started taking that so i’m glad you mentioned it. I also have Swedish Bitters to help with the yellow stools but it didnt improve so i kind of left it off but i will start it up again.

I have packed away everything but the coconut oil and SF722 for the time being so will concentrate on those. I think i was unclear about what i take because when i said “maybe sometimes” i meant that it would depend on what i was rotating. I will also look into adding fermented cod liver oil.

*I’m confused about the damage that GSE could have done. It was recommended when i started.. what changed?

*Just to help me understand, what is it with my symptoms that makes you think i have leaky gut? Is it the length of time i’ve been doing this without getting rid of the symptoms?

Thanks guys,