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Jo*Jo;39324 wrote: That’s fast becoming my concern too. I’d got lazy with cod liver oil, EPO and vitamin C so I’ll get right back on with them then.
Should I continue with the HCL and bitters?

I would continue to take both the bitters and the HCl, Jo.

How many billions of the probiotic are you taking now?
Candida is caused by the lack of flora in the intestines, therefore, replenishing the flora and ridding the intestines of the Candida will lead to a cure of the leaky gut as well. But we not only need to add the beneficial bacteria with probiotics, we also need to supply a good fiber to feed the flora, otherwise it’ll take much longer to replenish the supply since they won’t be multiplying as fast. Bob’s Red Mill Rice Bran and Bob’s Oat Bran Cereal are two very good prebiotics. I especially like the rice bran because it is a “soft” fiber and doesn’t cause more irritation or damage like some of the coarse fibers would. The oat bran cereal is also softer than some other fiber sources, and even though this is called a “cereal” it can be used in the coconut flour bread recipe.

Chinese licorice root and yucca root both help if the leaky gut has caused inflammation – which is usually the case with LG. I’ve mentioned the correct way to take licorice root together with yucca root, but this is a good chance to do that again for those who didn’t see it before.
You should combine the licorice root with yucca root with a 2:1 ratio. Ingest a half teaspoon 3-4 times daily at least 20 minutes before meals. These two herbs will also help with building up the flora.

The irritants that make the inflammation worse are mostly things you wouldn’t be using any way, but others that can cause more inflammation are animal protein (but animal by-products such as eggs are not nearly as bad for most people). Caffeine can also cause the inflammation to grow worse, but I doubt you’re doing any caffeine at all right now.