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Jo*Jo;40646 wrote: Able, Is there an alternative to Yucca root that i could take instead?…

Phytostan – looks like I can get hold of this. Should I?

*please forget the question about S Boulardii

Jo, since you’re trying to rebuild the flora in the intestines, I’d be very worried about you taking the Phytostan. It contains grapefruit seed extract which is a very strong antibacterial substance and can destroy the flora you’re trying to hard to reestablish.
And personally, I wouldn’t want to take any supplement with the ingredient “food glaze” on the label. This is a substance usually used in prescription drugs and sometimes in nutritional supplements as a coating for tablets and capsules. It’s used to improve the appearance of the product, extend shelf life, and provide a solid finishing film for preprint coatings (whatever that means). It’s also used to mask unpleasant odors of specific substances. The ingredients of “food glaze” could be any number of substances but it’s ‘usually’ alcohol based.

I don’t thank that you should try to eat commercially made yogurt, even the Greek form. What happened with the water kefir?

Can you purchase Jerusalem artichokes in your area? If so, eating these every day would replace yucca root very well. If you don’t have this specific type, regular artichokes are also a good prebiotic. Chicory root capsules as well as 100% chicory root coffee also work well as a prebiotic.

No need to ask for forgiveness as far as asking about S. Boulardii. I see no problem with using this probiotic under normal circumstances. The only reason I question its use is when the user has a severe leaky gut issue along with the Candida overgrowth. I’ve been trying to find more research on S. Boulardii as far as its safety record with leaky gut is concerned, and it isn’t easy to come by. However, I did find the following.

“S. boulardii has been used as a probiotic in Europe for more than 60 years and has been the subject of numerous clinical trials. The safety record is excellent. Extremely rare cases of overgrowth have been reported, but only in patients with serious comorbidities and/or central venous catheters.”

And I think we may have talked about this before, but I can’t find any solid research on S. boulardii being used directly for the treatment of leaky gut syndrome; not saying that it doesn’t exist, only that I haven’t found it yet.

Jorge seems to be the local expert on S. boulardii, and he wrote the following:

“S. Boulardii translocation is very rare according to what I have read. There are probably some insulated cases of severe immune suppression where S. Boulardii has reached the blood.”

S. boulardii may be exactly what you need, Jo, but since I can’t tell you that it’s completely safe when used with a severe leaky gut, I can’t advise you to take it. I hope you understand.