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Able900;39417 wrote:
You know, Jo, I must really be just a typical all-American guy who has no sense of some of the cultural foods that are used so commonly in other countries. For example, when I’m reading a post, and I see the word “porridge”… I totally ‘trip’ over the word like you would a big bump in the road that you know from past experience is there but keep hitting it and being surprised by it all the same. I always get this picture in my mind a huge, gigantic pot boiling on the stove; it’s bubbling over and it looks like it’s filled with stuff that only God …. or maybe the devil would be familiar with. By the way, it’s ok to laugh at this typical American dude.

To be honest it probably is food of the devil and could be used to make bumps in the road! Its not all that nice really. I liked it at first but now its worn off. I just add water and put it in the microwave and if you dont add enough water it could be used as wallpaper paste.

Chinese licorice root and yucca root –

Able900;39417 wrote:
These will be two separate forms of herbs; two separate purchases in other words.

What i meant was that I wanted to check that the licorice root doesnt have to have the word chinese on it to be acceptable. And the Yucca.. no “root”. I guess both are fine..?

Able900;39417 wrote:
Glad to see that you’ve stopping the pain meds, Jo. All in all, I think you’re doing as well as can be expected considering your problems other than the overgrowth.

I appreciate you keeping us posted on your progress.

Thank you! 🙂