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Jo*Jo;40297 wrote: Ok this is where I am right now. I’ve looked at juicers and before I buy one I thought I’d try blending instead as I already have a blender. I chopped up all my green veg, boiled for about one minute and put them in the blender with avocado, hemp seeds and rice flour. I really liked it so i’ll try to do that once a day and see if that benefits me.

I’ve started eating walnuts, hemp seeds and flax seeds. The only reaction I’ve had to them is an increase in my white fuzzy tongue and I realise I forgot to soak them first so I started doing that last night. Hopefully that’ll make a difference.

Hello, Jo.
As far as having a reaction to the walnut/hemp seeds/flax seeds is concerned, I would bet a million that the reaction came from the walnuts. In my opinion, anyone who eats walnuts on a Candida diet is taking a chance. Can you not make do with just the hemp and flax seeds?

I’ve always thought that juicing vegetables was a great idea for the diet, but if you can get close to the same results with the blender you already have, then go for it. No need in wasting money on a juicer if the blender will give you the results you want.

I still dont know whether to start back on the coconut water kefir or any sort of kefir.. any opinions?

Since I’ve never experimented with it, I’m uncertain about coconut water’s use in kefir to be honest. I suppose, unless someone else can offer some information on this, all you could do is to test it.