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I have seen you are very interested about everything linked to this syndrome. That is a good thing. There is nothing that has consumed more time to me since 2008 than research and study this syndrome. I have bought 16 books about it, have spent more than 3000 hours in the web researching medical papers about candida and everything linked to this illness, have more than 2000 posts in Curezone, spoken with candida “experts” Drs in person such as Dr. Crandall, Dr. M. McNett, and S.Barkley. It has been hard for me and the only focus of my life.
I can tell you I still learn , and I am always open to new ideas and experiences. I have gained knowledge because the time reading and speaking with people affected by it but don’t claim to know more than anybody.
I will be happy to share with you the information I have.
I didn’t mentioned probiotics because current pharmaceutical probiotics CAN NOT colonize the gut permanently. There isn’t any grade pharmaceutical probiotic which do it. They colonize the gut temporary and only offer temporary benefits. Another important thing is the main gut enterotypes aren’t present in current probiotics. This means the antagonistic inhibitory flora isn’t mainly Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and E. Coli.

Regarding to the intracellular candidiasis, it is what cause intestinal lining inflammation and leaky gut. It is one, if not, the worse part of this infection.