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kelandu wrote: hi everyone
Im 10 months into the diet and seem to be going in circles. I follow the diet carefully but ive just discovered that the plamil chocolate ive been eaten contains caffeine, i had no idea.
Now im experiencing indigestion again. my nutritionist told me to stop taking vitamins and anti fungals 2 weeks ago and since then i feel it coming back. ( ive started them again today out of desperation
I had also been drinking herbal teas, camomile, decaf green tea and peppermint tea and again just seen i shouldnt be drinking any of them.
last month i felt well enough to have a treat, i had a curry takeaway. well never again! it took me weeks to get my energy to a point i could function again.
I still havent reintroduced fruit because i know the candida is still not under control and im worried it will tip the balance.
Im really grateful to this site for educating us because its such a lonely journey to take when no one around you believes its a real illness. I wish you all well

I am going to give you some tips in another direction. Chronic candidiasis is associated to an acquired or genetic immune tolerance to the yeast/fungus. The goal of any treatment should be to reactivate proper immune function against it. It requires several things such as diet, antifungals, immune shots, supplements, and a detox program, specially addressing heavy metal toxicity.
You can do an heroic effort following the most restrictive diet and taking antifungals, but, if you have a compromised immune system because mercury, lead, or any other offender is pushing your immune system toward to a humoral/th2 induced response, you never will get results. Cell-mediated immunity Th1/Th17 (specially IL-17) are very important to control intracellular pathogens such as fungus.
Without this active immunologic response, it is impossible to cure a chronic fungal infection. Keep in mind the mycelial fungal form penetrates the cells and cause inflammation. You need an active cell-mediated immunity to clean the cells one time they are infected. Candida Albicans creates immune suppresor byproducts that can disrupt Th17 response.
What I mean is you should look at any underlying cause that may be favoring the infection, specially those which affect the immune system.
I hope this help you !