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Quote by Dvjorge: I am going to give you some tips in another direction. Chronic candidiasis is associated to an acquired or genetic immune tolerance to the yeast/fungus. The goal of any treatment should be to reactivate proper immune function against it. It requires several things such as diet, antifungals, immune shots, supplements, and a detox program, specially addressing heavy metal toxicity.

Reply: The above statement threw me off immediately; of all the requirements you named that you say are needed to reactivate the immune system, no where do I see the most important ingredient mentioned which is a quality source of beneficial bacteria. This flora literally trains the immune system so that it is capable of responding to 100s of different pathogens; one can only imagine where we would be without this function.

Quote: You need an active cell-mediated immunity to clean the cells one time they are infected.

Reply: You’re talking about addressing heavy metal toxicity in some manner I assume. Have you done this, and if so, what were the results?