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As far as fecal transplants, this relatively safe procedure may provide an answer or a partial answer to those of us suffering with candida. A good freind of mine just had this procedure in a Rhode Island Hospital, and cured a stubborn case of C diff with it. Essentially it is like taking probiotics but at many many times the number. A stool sample is taken from a close family member (it is tested and should not be from someone who is suspected to have candida or any other gut issues), and some is then inserted into the recipient’s colon (this is a very rough description, don’t know the technical details. This results in repopulating the colon entirely of the recipient and I personally am about to go to the same Doctor to see if she will consider doing this on a person with candida and an intestinal parasite.

I have no idea if they will agree to try this on someone who doesn’t have C Diff, but I certainly plan to ask.

In the meantime, I’ll continue with the probiotics (which I believe are helpful), and the forum diet.