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Hello, Kelandu.

Following Raster’s advice is a good plan, with a few extra suggestions thrown in.

The Candida Clear is part of your problem, so are the multiple vitamins. The Candida Clear contains both rice flour and gum arabic. Gum arabic is a mixture of long and short-chain sugars plus glycoproteins. Gycoproteins are proteins which have sugars attached to them. I wouldn’t waste another dime on this product, and I would throw away whatever is on hand.

Research has shown that Candida albicans are efficient at utilizing certain nutrients and supplements, especially synthetic B vitamin supplements which are usually in multiple vitamins. If your multiple vitamins contain even one B vitamin,
I would stop it right away.

You could add avocados, rutabagas, turnips, kefir and homemade yogurt to your diet to make up for the foods you’re removing. All of these are antifungals in one way or another. The kefir/yogurt will also add beneficial bacteria to your system which is what you are lacking.

The fact that the ‘curry takeaway’ took weeks for you to get over is a sure sign that the infestation is still in it’s pathogenic, aggressive state.
I don’t know which type of takeaway you had, but I’ve never seen a recipe for the curry sauce that didn’t contain flour. Your Candida had a feast that day.