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raster wrote: Just to recap here; no I haven’t cured my infestation completely because I still have undigested food that turns up in my stool, I still have parasites that will never go away completely, and I still smoke, and I still don’t feel 100%. I am not going around saying I am cured; you were the one that declared that when I posted that one time that I ate a hamburger and felt nothing as far as symptoms.

But my leaky gut is cured and I no longer get food reactions…and that is a major accomplishment in itself. That means I really did a good job healing myself and this monster is in its last throes. I feel 90% good most of the time instead of 10% or 1% when I started the diet.

I don’t believe that eating this much meat (5.5 pounds per week) is overdoing it as far as feeding the candida; this is something that I feel is debeateble. It’s only one serving per day. I mean, if I were to stop eating meat for a few months…would that cure me? I certainly don’t think so; I don’t think it’d solve my problems. It could help possibly but its the only factor in my recovery.

I feel that the burden I am putting on my lungs is my culprit and look forward to quitting in the following months. I am getting married soon so its a tough time to try to do something like that. However I just switched to “ultra lights” so I am a step closer to getting there. I have never smoked ultra lights in the last 12 years I have smoked.


As someone who smoked (a lot!) and quit about 10 years ago just wanted to say that switching to ultra lights is the best you did. I did that while my ex husband didn’t. I went from Camel ultra lights to no cigaret ever again, and he went from Marlboro red to none and in few months he was back on it. If you are on ultra lights the only other thing you have to get over when quitting is the habit as there will be little or no nicotine addiction left.

I will not preach as you don’t need it. You already admitted that you should be quitting so just work towards that goal when you are ready. I nagged on my ex (we were still married) because I couldn’t quit unless he did it with me (can’t have someone smoking in house while you are trying to quit) and he would not go for it. I finally switched to ultra lights and shut up about it. Then one day we were driving and he just said out of the blue: “What do you think about us quitting once we finish what we purchased?” I guess at that point he was ready.

Good luck and hope you are ready for this big step soon, but it’s up to you to decide 🙂