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Thanks for that, Malbro.

I needed everything you wrote, seriously. I know that I sometimes have a problem with showing my impatience with those who are unable to follow the protocol and cure themselves for whatever reason. I can only assume that, at least part of it is because I know that there’s a cure, and when I see people continuing to suffer when, at least in my way of thinking, it isn’t necessary, then mistakenly I want to take over, telling them what they’re doing wrong in not always the nicest way, and attempting to get them on the path that “I want them to take” when really, I should just leave them alone and let them do it their way. I admit that I tend to ignore the fact that not everyone just spent 15 years in the military so not everyone is accustomed to doing what you have to do or need to do in order to just get it done as they say. “Suck it up, shut up, and do it” is what I was taught in the early years of military training, and apparently it never went away. All that said, I can also say that I’m working on all of this and trying to correct my attitude. I still screw up too often however.

I hope everyone can believe that, when I’ve spoken of weak-willed people, I was by no means looking down on anyone. I suppose I just want them not to be, which again is none of my business and I should leave them to be who and what they are. To be honest, I suppose that I do see it as a “weakness” of sorts, but again, I was taught to see it that way, and it’s difficult to change when you’ve viewed it that way for so many years. But I don’t look down on anyone, and I hope I never come to that.

You wrote, “It could be 6 months from now I am kicking myself for not following your diet from the beginning. will you still help me? Am I a lost cause?”
Marbro, I’ll always be willing to help anyone who is willing to listen. To turn my back on someone just because they didn’t “listen the first time” would be a dreadful way to treat a fellow human being, and God help me if I ever turn into that person. And no, I do not think you or anyone else is a lost cause. The fact that you’re here and trying to learn and in addition, also trying to help others as you learn, shows that you are not a lost cause.

It’s been ten months since I was cured, and I often forget how my thoughts were always that it had to be right now, I had to be rid of the Candida “now” – so I went about the treatment in a way that I do not recommend on the forum because, honestly, it was dangerous and stupid of me. But even knowing this, I find myself still expecting everyone to just get on with the treatment without a pause and get it over with without mistakes. I need to be reminded now and then that not everyone looks at their infestation that way, and in fact shouldn’t. So thank you for doing that tonight.

Sincerely, Able