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@Able I felt bad and regretted my earlier post I wrote to you. It was confrontational and seved no good purpose. I am glad that I was able to connect with you in a positive way so that you understand where I’m coming from even I I am wrong about it. Damn If I talked like that in the past maybe I would still be married lol. I think I am growing up a little.

I could do more to steer folks on the right path and not off it like me. It’s somethin I’ll work on. I know you put a tremendous amount o your time tryin to help people then some bad apple like me comes along rebelling and making things more difficult. I do appreciate your patience.

@ raster j just talked you up on how j want to be where you are in he diet and here you are pumping massive amounts of chemicals into your body via smoking. Please look into natural tabacco and not name brand sits. At least it will reduce the amount of processed junk you are Inhailing.

Being a diehard smoker myself for many years I won’t bother trying to get you to quit. It will come down to you making that choice and hopefully some close friends and family to support you.

My brother quit and instead if givin him support I stressed him out and he is now smoking again. I don’t blame myself but I didn’t help either.

Edit. I use a iPod to post sometimes and it can be a pain to type. It autocorrects stuff when I don’t wan it to and it doesn’t when i néed it to. I apologies for the poor grammar. That and having to try and get the security image right everytime I edit an post can be a pain. I gave up on my droid.