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TheChosenOne;55359 wrote:
This is the silliest thing I have read on this forum. You are right about the fact that you need a properly functioning immune system. But everything else is kind of garbage. The fact that there is an ‘ultimate diet’ that works for everyone is completely wrong. Everyone is different.

Everyone is different? Is there someone who can survive drinking water and only water? Is there someone who can subsist on a diet of bread and rice? Maybe there is someone else who can live on drinking various flavors of soda pop?

The answer is not that we are not “all different”. We are the same species, who share near identical chromosomes. Our ancestors are meat eaters. Our bodies are adapted to eat meat. Like other carnivores, we have fairly simple digestive systems well suited to the consumption of animal protein, which breaks down quickly. Humans find cellulose totally indigestible, and even plant eaters have to take their time with it. There is two million years of evolution behind the argument that our bodies are adapted to eat meat.

The idea that some people need to consume fats, proteins and vitamins found in meats, and some people do not, is nonsense. Naturopaths often find that vegetarians and vegans are often sickly, tired, with weak immune systems (Source: Mark A. Stengler, NMD). Also see: The Scary Truth About Vegan Diets

Don’t go overboard, and cut down on red meat if you must, but it is more important that you cut processed foods out of your diet than to cut out meat. Meat and its byproducts are one of the more essential parts of building an effective immune system.

In my opinion, the inclusion of meat is important if you have a serious life-threatening condition like Candidiasis. Your diet is already limited. You are starving yourself of sugar and breads. Starving yourself of meats is over the line

The vegan/vegetarian lifestyle a radical experiment, which is unnatural. Sure, it might be possible for a healthy body to adapt to something it was not meant to do, and go through leaps of complex processes to create the basic essential things it needs so that you can keep living through the day. But if you have the systemic form of candida growing in your organs, then you do NOT have a healthy body.

Think logically. The people telling you to do this diet were healthy when they started this vegan/vegetarian experiment. If you have candida overgrowth you are not healthy. Why would you want to continue on a radical experiment to deprive yourself of proteins, fats, and nutrients when you have a serious systemic condition like Candidiasis, caused by a weakened immune system, which could easily take your life?