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Vegan Catlady
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SickofCandida;54513 wrote: I think what VeganCatLady emphasized about doing little bits at a time is a really great idea. If you make drastic changes, the consequences could be drastic. And with a drastically bad consequence, then you get knocked down and lose hope. But smaller changes mean smaller consequences if it does give you bad results, and it gives you time to analyze things for what works…

Using me as an example… my mono reactivated about 7 years ago. It first started when I could see my lymph node sticking out of my neck when I looked in the mirror. I went to the doctor who said “you can’t get mono twice” (total bull) and she prescribed me antibiotics. It got even worse, and soon another lymph node was sticking out. Two more rounds of antibiotics later, I thought I was dying. Every single lymph node in my neck was sticking out (like I had two big strings of beads under my skin down both sides of my neck, in additon to the golfball sized ones on either side of my throat), my throat was so swollen I couldn’t swallow food anymore (and the swelling was still increasing) and I was soooo exhausted.

So… this continued. I desperately decided to try taking emergenC even though my doctor told me that 1000mg of vitamin C was too hard on the kidneys. I noticed almost immediately that the swelling in my lymph nodes just slightly went down even though I was second guessing myself as to whether it actually happened… after maybe a couple hours, it went back up. So I drank another dose. Same thing happened. I just kept doing that… I must have drank like 5 or 6 in a day. And you know what? It helped. I started noticing that it wasn’t swelling up as much after a day of that. It helped more than the prednisone had! It was THE ONLY thing that helped me climb up out of the hole. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a miracle cure.

[h]So don’t give up! Give yourself a break if you are overwhelmed from trying new things or what have you, but don’t give up. You will find something that helps and you will get better! And when you do start seeing the positive trend, celebrate![/h]

I’m rooting for you.

I love what you said here.
It would be excellent advice to apply to every single situation…start slow,take breaks,dont give up, and celebrate even the small wins.

I got to ask though-
did they ever explain what “re-activates” a virus like mono to you?
I heard it happening,like chickenpox(my mom had that twice), and I have heard naturopaths explain why it happens, but did the hospital or doctor explain it to you?
Especially after they said it wasnt likely?

Im not a fan of extreme supplementation, but I have heard so many miracle stories of high-dosage vit C rising to the challenge of extreme illness… its as if when your immune system or chemistry needs it most,it doesnt behave like an extreme dosage at all.
Take that same dosage on any average day, and it would probably tax your kidneys.

Our bodies are so brilliant.