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Vegan Catlady
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There is something very wrong if you cannot eat anything without feeling you are going into shock.
I get that you get this horrible reaction and it feels like you are going into shock, my worst experience I thought I was dying,seriously. I totally get it.

But the symptoms you are presenting happened to me as I was beginning to clear the excess candida.
If this is happening all the time and getting worse instead of better, there has to be congestion somewhere in the body that is not allowing the toxins to leave your system.

Get on some kidney and liver detox teas. I say teas because they are gentle. Yogi Tea makes good ones.
Also teas that have chai spices.

People that have tests come back negative need to look at NON diet related issues.

Have you had any operations in the last year?
Are you being exposed to black mold unknowingly? Leaky ceiling? Sick house?
Do you have any replacement devices in the body due to an accident?
Implants anywhere in the body?

Acute candida requires a day of fasting,then eat watery safe foods like cukes,romaine lettuce, salad greens, spinach, celery, really benign foods. Drink teas. Take a multivitamin.

After a day or two of that, you can slowly introduce more. Tomatoes. Peppers. Carrots. All raw.

Dr Morse has me on grapes and berries, which coincidentally are those foods high in ellagic acid.
He says its not what you eat,its what gets absorbed. You could be eating all kinds of stuff and taking all kinds of supplements but none of it matters if your not digesting/absorbing it.

I do lots of cinnamon and coconut yogurt. BOTH at first gave me a sore throat, and anything with coconut gives me the feeling of numbness and tingling in my eyes,the bridge of my nose, and sinus areas…like in the jaw.
Just goes to show you where candida hides.
I believe i have it all in my sinuses, and im beginning to clear it now.

Could take a year….but atleast its a path that is do-able for me.

We got to get you at a place in your eating ritual where you have a list of safe foods.
Starving yourself is not an option….not getting your carbs and calories is going to deplete your immune system further, you need to build that up 🙂

You keep asking for help…but what are you looking for that hasnt been said or isnt in the forum somewhere already?