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It sounds like your candida infection is particularly virtulant at everything you throw at it, and that your bacterial flora is severely lacking. For your case my suggestion would be to look at the following options:

Option 1:

There are reports of Fecal Transplants totally curing Candida. The procedure is something that can be done at home. You basically need to convince a healthy child who is likely std free to agree to poop into a plastic bag, blend the poo into a liquid substance, and use it for an enema, leaving it there for 2 hours. I’ve been reading of numerous reports that candida has been cured in that manner.

Option 2:

Start taking VSL #3, one of the most potent probiotics on the market, containing nearly half a trillion live organisms, which absolutely floods your system with probiotics, overwhelming candida and replenishing your empty gut. You can also convince your doctor to perscribe you the double dose with 1 Trillion active organisms:

I admit that have not tried either of these things, but I have read a lot of good things about them. I am planning on doing VSL #3. If I were you I would look into these topics. I’ve read of compromised people being completely cured once their gut was flooded with probiotics.

In addition you definitely need to fix your leaky gut. It sounds like it’s an issue for you. My only suggestion is adding Colostrum to your L-Glutamine. See:

One thing I haven’t seen you mentioned is a serious cleanse before starting your supplements and anti-fungals. Candida in its fungal state is an organism which is deeply rooted in your gut’s tissues. The gut is its castle. It owns it. Any “herbal drops” are going to weaken its soldiers, but not break down the walls.

Some people have had good results with Sonne’s Intestinal Cleanser #9 (Psyllum husk laxitive) combined with Sonne Products Detoxificant #7 (a clay bulking agent, which seems to cause masses of candida to come raining down). By doing a cleanse with both of those products large chunks of stringy candida have been known to come out. Once that happens you can go in for the kill with anti-fungals and probiotics. Research the matter.