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annieamanda;53231 wrote:


I wish we weren’t on completely different coasts too. This disease make you so isolated and alone!

I spent today watching a bunch of Dr Morse youtube videos and checking out his website. I dig the raw foods but other than talking a LOT emphatically about getting the lymphs moving and proposing you buy his herbs there isn’t any actual information.

He doesn’t detail at all foods, trouble shooting or keeping your adrenals up with not eating any protein or fats at all. What are you doing for fats and protein? You do need some good fats for your brain. And protein (whether its nuts instead of meat) to keep going. I have problems with nuts as it gives me throbbing colon (diverticulitis??) with a migraine that lasts up to 6-7 days. Seriously migraine for a whole week – suicidal fantasties a LOT during those times.

How is it you are eating fruits? Everything I read is that will feed the Candida.

Talk soon.


Maybe I have just watched too many Morse videos, I actually learned from those videos how the cycles start and end, and you can look at his formulas to see what you can take on your own.

I learned the teas I use everyday from the grocery store have many of the herbs he uses in them. His formulas are concentrated though, teas are slow and steady.

This is a common thing I am asked about protein and fat, being vegan for a while.
ALL FOOD,ALL PLANTS have protein and fat. Lettuce has both protein and fat.
Romaine,for instance, contains only the healthiest fat we are deficient in as a society- Omega 3!
The media LIES and tells us that we only get protein from MEAT. Lie lie lie.
If I never touched another oil, I would still get a ton of fat just in the fruits and veggies I eat…without adding ANY overt fats at ALL.
For 8 months, I ate nothing but fruits and greens, and occasionally quinoa and rice.
If these didnt have fat and protein, I would look emaciated,lol.
Google vegan bodybuilding, and read some of the things they say! The ONLY time they add extra protein and fat in plant-form is just before competition. Animal protein and fat is not required for health and well being, not even a little 🙂

A good example of this is my youngest son, who is is slightly higher than average in his growth-chart. He is in all advanced classes, and at 12 is staying after school to teach other students how to reach their notes in brass instruments…never having a single lesson!

He is the son (my other is more like dad) that is vegetarian.

So, in conclusion here, I am used to people telling me “without fat you will get depressed, and without meat you will not get protein”. If it werent for believeing in doctors who told me to take 4 different antibiotics for an infection I was tested NEGATIVE for (we all think doctors know more than we do, I was no exception) I wouldnt even have candida right now.

So no, you do NOT need nuts to get your fat, and you do not need meat to get your protein.
I recommend watching Dr Mc Dougall, especially
Dr Neal Barnard ( Founder of The committee for Responsible Medicine) and also Dr Greger, all of these guys you can find on youtube.

They will explain why you dont need dairy or meat or “fat” from animal sources.

I wont lie though, one of my very favorite foods on this earth is freshly roasted pumpkin seeds,still in the shell. High in fat,high in zinc/copper. But do I eat them all the time?
no, just in fall.

Yesterday I started my day with pinto beans and organic corn chips ( a full frying pan, I had a salt craving) and followed it in the afternoon with red grapes. Then I ate aprox 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries,2 cups of frozen mixed-berries, and made a huge smoothie with coconut milk for dinner. it was a little much….I couldnt finish it. A lot of fiber…I felt really full.
About 2 weeks ago, I wouldnt try to eat even one cornchip. Hell no.
Everyday im getting a little ballsier, because my symptoms are becoming less.
Im not there yet though…I still feel the occasional weirdness in my sinuses or in my throat, and I am diligent with my teas,coconut yogurt, and vitamins.

Believe me when I say 3 weeks ago none of this would be happening, I had so much die-off that I didnt intend (i didnt know for sure it was candida,and I didnt know how bad I had it) that I was afraid to eat anything but lettuce. I cried for 3 days straight. I felt I was going crazy, and I was snapping at everyone in the house.
The more I educated myself, the more I felt in control, the less I stressed about it.

We got to get you stressing less, and I cant think of a better way to de-stress you than to get some calories into you. Seriously, you need carbs for neurotransmitters, plants to feed the gut bacteria,and once you get your head feeling better, the rest will follow.

Im journaling every change on my thread—is-this-a-forever-thing.aspx
so that if I do anything that wrecks my progress, no one doing highcarb makes my mistakes.