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rambolincoln;55347 wrote: Also, as a bit of friendly advice, I definitely would not be vegan or vegetarian with a serious condition like this. Our bodies are meant to eat meat sometimes. The content of a piece of meat is nourishing. While it is possible to live on a non-meat diet, and we have somewhat evolved to subsist on such diets in times of need and lack of meat, that’s not what our bodies are truly meant for.

Being vegan with a serious systematic condition puts your body at a disadvantage. We need fat for proper brain function, nerve signal transmission, and hormone balance. Meat has proteins not found in the plant world. Your veganism is complicating the issue.

To save your life you will need to be willing to compromise your morals. The reason people get candida is because of a weakened immune systems. A healthy person with a good immune system does not get systemic candida infections, despite candida living within everyone. Your body is weak, and this is why you got it in the first place. I suspect it is contributing to the auto-immune disorders you seem to be having surrounding this.

You don’t need supplements and herbal remedies. You need a properly functioning immune system. If you had that, then the candida could not exist. You have a systemic deep rooted candida infection that WILL kill you if you do not make extreme changes to your lifestyle NOW. That means lots of exercise and meat, even if you need to eat the meat in small amounts through the day with your condition.

This is the silliest thing I have read on this forum. You are right about the fact that you need a properly functioning immune system. But everything else is kind of garbage. The fact that there is an ‘ultimate diet’ that works for everyone is completely wrong. Everyone is different.