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Ugh! I understand your struggle. I went from 120 to 106 in a few short weeks and all the sudden I had an “eating disorder” as my father says. People don’t understand that this weight loss is just part of the process of healing for most people. I am so glad you are feeling better–even with the non-strict diet. Contact Able900 for the Protocol. It is a recommendation for candida sufferers based on what others have done to cure their infestations. Able cured himself using the supplements and foods listed. It is a bit pricy to start but I find myself spending less money on eating out, meat, and other things that the diet does not allow.

Before you give up, I want you to try the strict diet for 3 weeks. It is a long time considering that you want to give up the less complex diet from the website. I used to have a discharge all the time but after starting the protocol the discharge and even the itching (which I’ve had since I can remember) went away after 2 weeks. It’s an investment of $$ and willpower but I think you’d be impressed by the results.

By the way, I now weigh 115 lbs, I work out, and I have so much energy. I feel like I “know” my body now…

I hope you do it!